Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dignity of a Person

Read the whole thing here. “The dignity of a person must be recognized in every human being from conception to natural death. This fundamental principle expresses a great “yes” to human life and must be at the center of ethical reflection on biomedical research.” “Life will triumph: this is a sure hope for us. Yes, life will triumph because truth, goodness, joy and true progress are on the side of life. God, who love life and gives it generously, is on the side of life.” - here the document is quoting JPII The Great. “The human being is to be respected and treated as a person from the moment of conception...” Problem of in vitro abortions & abandoned embryos: “The blithe acceptance of the enormous number of abortions involved in the process of in vitro fertilization...” “..the thousands of abandoned embryos represent a situation of injustice which in fact cannot be resolved.” Last but not least: “It is never permitted to do something which is intrinsically illicit, not even in view of a good result: the end does not justify the means.” That last bit strikes one every time one reads the news these days about Blago-gate.

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