Friday, December 5, 2008

The Horn of Helm Hammerhand

“The Horn of Helm Hammerhand will sound once more in the Deep.” Come on, you like saying it too. Can’t fool us. We know what you were watching Thanksgiving weekend. Actually, this post should have been titled “The Consolation of Children’s Books” but, really, would you have clicked on this if it was? The Post Election Depression Recovery Program has gone something like this: 1. Read the Book of Revelation. 2. Watch “The Lord of the Rings” Extended Edition. 3. Watch “The Lord of the Rings” again when it airs over the Thanksgiving Weekend, just to be reminded how far superior the Extended Edition is to the theatrical release. 4. Have a 2-day mini-marathon of subtitle reading of the Polish Television’s Quo Vadis, a Jerzy Kawalerowicz Film. 5. Read in no time flat, “Grain of Wheat,” which is basically Quo Vadis for kids and/or for folks with no attention span. Either way, it was a good quick reminder of what we’re up against, us Oogedy Booglers.

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