Monday, January 26, 2009

The End Does Not Justify the Means

The end does not justify the means; acting for a good purpose does not make the act good.
Ironic isn't it that the great Moral Theologian, Msgr. William B. Smith, passed away on Saturday, January 24th, the day before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's idiotic defense of contraception on ABC's THIS WEEK. Too bad Nancy (Biden, Kmiec, et al) failed to pick up a copy of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI's 1968 warning about the dangers of widespread contraceptive use. 
Thankfully, another great Moral Theologian, Janet Smith, has summed (or is that summa-ed) everything up.
Widespread Use of Contraception Will Lead to...
1. Lowering of Morality
2. Disregard of women's well-being
3. Coercive use of contraceptive method by governments
4. Treating our bodies like machines
5. Increase in divorce
6. Less bonding and growth in virtue between married couples
7. Contraception facilitates adultery
8. Sexual involvement before marriage
9. Cohabitation
10. Increase in unwanted pregnancies and abortion.
(as predicted by Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae)

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