Monday, January 19, 2009

Get on the bus

Acts 2:38 A woman had just returned to her home from an evening of church services, when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the manin the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled: 'Stop! Acts 2:38!' (Repent and be Baptized, in the name of Jesus Christ, so that your sins may be forgiven.) The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called thepolice and explained what she had done. As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar: 'Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture verse number at you.'' Scripture?' replied the burglar. " I thought she said she had an Ax and Two 38s!'
Yuk, yuk. Apologies to all. A little levity forwarded to us from a fellow Oogedy Boogler to brighten the hours before getting on the bus. Charity to one’s fellow March for Life bus seat neighbor is always part and parcel of the January 22nd Pilgrimage Challenge (as if being in DC with all the Obama-tourists isn’t going to be enough of an ol’ heroic virtue challenge). So pack your Bible, your copy of Milton Berle’s Private Joke File, and some earplugs for those two behind you who won’t stop talking....and get on the bus already. For those of you who will be foregoing the journey to DC or San Francisco, check out the TV viewing links at the MARCH page.

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