Friday, January 30, 2009

Marketing Genocide

Pepsi isn't the only one in the niche marketing game. Planned Parenthood (PP), the largest abortion provider in America, has been at it since the early 1900s.
PP founder and eugenist, Margaret Sanger, was a lot less subtle about revealing her real agenda when she said, "Colored people are like weeds and are to be exterminated." ( for more stats).
With 78% of Planned Parenthood clinics located in minority communities and with 35% of abortions being performed on Blacks it would seem that her racist "niche marketing" is succeeding.
So it should come as no surprise that Planned Parenthood now stands to gain a market share with the lifting the Mexico City Policy, which allows federal funds to promote overseas abortions. Hispanic is the new black. Ay caramba!
Cardinal Nicolas Lopez Rodriguez of Santo Domingo recently said that Obama's decision would have "dramatic consequences" for the Dominican Republic because, "in our country there are many institutions dedicated to the promoting of abortion and killing children that will now receive American dollars" (EWTNews)
In other words, President Obama, we don't want your stinking money!
Learn how you can dismantle the racist, anti-life agenda of Planned Parenthood at Stop Planned Parenthood and

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