Saturday, March 14, 2009

Death Comes for Connecticut

Frank Trotta from the Our Greenwich blog writes of the new assisted suicide bill brought to you by the same folks who wanted to take control of the Dioceses of Hartford, Bridgeport and Norwich.
"The dust was just settling after the skirmish this week between the Catholic church and Senator Andrew McDonald, a prime mover of a bill to regulate the governance of the Catholic church in Connecticut. Now, the Catholic Bishops are ringing a second alarm bell to the faithful, asking them to oppose a bill coming before McDonald’s Judiciary Committee permitting assisted suicide in Connecticut.
The legislation, which according to one source comes from McDonald, is labeled the “An Act Concerning Death with Dignity” and is raised bill 1138.
Were the bill to become law, Connecticut would be one of the few states to permit (in Connecticut’ case require) doctors to prescribe drugs to assist patients in killing themselves. Oregon has an assisted suicide law and the state of Washington passed a referendum in November allowing it."

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