Monday, April 13, 2009

Getting Away with Manslaughter?

The recent arrest of an abortion clinic operator in Hialeah, FL was too little too late. Even the chief of police was scandalized at the absurdity of the situation.
Baby Shanice was born alive at between 21 and 23 weeks on July 20, 2006 and put into a biohazard trash bag. Six days later Hialeah police were tipped off by three individuals and found the body in a closet. In the interim, the body may have been concealed on the clinic’s roof. By secreting the body in the July heat, the clinic operator, Belkis Gonzalez, effectively thwarted investigators and prevented the medical examiner from determining “exactly the cause of death of the infant,” State Attorney’s office spokesman Ed Griffith told the Florida Catholic.
The absurdity of the State Attorney’s office’s decision, after two years, to now pursue a minimalist course of prosecution was not lost on the chief of police.
“I would have liked for it to have become a bona fide homicide charge. However, we do not make the laws. If anyone is outraged, I share it with them, but they have to understand we operate within the legal system,” Mark Owens, Hialeah Police Chief told the Miami Herald.
John Wayne meets the pointed headed bureaucrats, and, as usual, the bureaucrats won. After all, how can we prosecute manslaughter here when we have already ignored over 50 million other cases?
The consolation prize is that Ms Gonzalez has been arrested for tampering with evidence and practicing murde….we mean medicine, without a license. The penalty is a minimum of one year, and a max of 15 in the slammer.
Given the handling of the case so far, the betting window is open as to whether madam abortionist will plea bargain it down to community service. Perhaps she can clear road kill off the Florida highways, since that is about the only value prosecutors in the Sunshine state put on human life.
For more on these stories see these in the Florida Catholic,,

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