Saturday, May 9, 2009

Some thoughts on the Savage Thing

A shout out to brother Michael Savage, the flame throwing talk show host who has spread the pro-life message to areas most pro-lifers can only dream of reaching. Need we add that we don’t always agree with brother Michael? Of course, one suspects he doesn’t always agree with himself, which is why he is such a rarity in the talko-sphere - a radio talk show host who is capable of changing his mind every now and then. Wow!
He does stream of consciousness like no one else, and gives the public a pure breath of fresh air straight from the soul of that long lost island nation of County Queens, the memory of which lives on in the Savage Nation.
Is it a coincidence that Jacqui Smith, the official United Kingdom gatekeeper, has banned Savage from setting foot in not-so-Great Britain at the same time United States Homeland Security has also labeled all pro-life Americans as terrorist suspects? Certainly not. The culture of death is on the march and wants to silence any voices it finds too effective. Its aim, pure and simple, is to marginalize and financially cripple anyone who speaks out , and to use any means at their disposal, fair or foul.
While there are times we wish Savage was more civil in his discourse, less biting in his mockery, more charitable in his assessment of his opponents, one can sympathize with his outbursts when we see how clearly he has to deal with vicious political hacks like British Homeland Jacqui Smith.
For those who wonder why we had an America revolution – one need look no further than Britain’s current attitude towards this outspoken American upstart. Everything old is new again. And as in that first Revolution , they might find that this peaceful Revolution of ideas, being fought so effectively by General Savage, could bring the current British system, stepped in the culture of death and seemingly so secure, tumbling down.

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