Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dodd a Disgrace

Sen. Chris Dodd (D.-CT), is one of the biggest embarrassments in the United States Senate – and that covers a lot of territory. He is an even bigger embarrassment if you are a Catholic.

Never mind his fingerprints being all over the whole sub-prime lending disaster. Or his own questionable loan from one of the firms his senate committee was supposed to be regulating. Now this grand master of mellifluous mental confusion is moving on to creating a brave new world of health care.

Consider his statements about mandating abortion coverage and federal funding in the health care bill :

“We like the idea that people have choices and, indeed, the law of the land permits people to make those choices, and we respect that, and we are going to pursue that,” Dodd told last week when asked about abortion funding in the bill. “Again, we do not want to discriminate when people have--they have convictions, moral convictions and religious convictions.”

Here the great Dodd tells us that not only is abortion a legal right – it may even be an act of piety, a religious conviction no less, and we cannot discriminate against people’s practice of their religion.

Some religion. Some convictions.

And since when do Democrats favor funding people’s practice of religion? Obviously it is hard to respond logically to the illogic of Sen. Dodd’s sophistic hit and run rhetoric.

But the real question is, what is Sen. Dodd’s own religion and what are his moral convictions? They are not Catholic. Is it too late for someone in authority in the Church to tell him that and ask him to either inform his conscience, leave, or be expelled? As it is, he brings grave disrepute on the Church and its members in Connecticut by claiming there is a legitimate religious right to abortion that must be enshrined in American law.

A number of years ago a priest in Connecticut submitted his immediate request for retirement rather than continue in a parish in which the disreputable Dodd was being honored. As St. Augustine said, what we tolerate we soon emulate, and this priest chose not to tolerate this. The question those in authority in the church need to now ask is, how many other Catholics are they allowing Sen. Dodd to take over the cliff with him?

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