Saturday, July 4, 2009

Run Sarah Run

But Sarah Palin isn’t a quitter. I know this because, well, because just last night I read her interview in Runner’s World. Sample quote (noting that she is, to my knowledge, the only political figure who is consistently quoted phonetically: (RW)"What about in a race? Could you beat the president? (SP)"I betcha I'd have more endurance. My one claim to fame in my own little internal running circle is a sub-four marathon. It wasn't necessarily a good running time, but it proves I have the endurance within me to at least gut it out and that is something. If you ever talk to my old coaches, they'd tell you, too. What I lacked in physical strength or skill I made up for in determination and endurance. So if it were a long race that required a lot of endurance, I'd win.”
Sarah Palin is running a marathon.
-check out the whole post by "Jude" at TownHall

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