Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Give me a break, we've seen this all before

Federalist lawyer and husband of the late and much eulogized 911 victim, Barbara Olson, is now on board to argue the case for same sex-marriage before the Supreme Court.
How does this happen? Ask the chippy, young, 4th wife Lady Booth Olson (yes, that's really her name).
We've seen it all before. The old widower and the younger woman. Except look at this, the admittedly irregular church-goer, 61 year old Olson marries his "4th Wife" a year after Barbara's death. No. 4 is a young, blonde, tax attorney from Kentucky who supported the Obama election campaign.
Here is what Olson said to the LA Times:
You eventually remarried, to a lawyer named Lady Booth, a Democrat and Obama supporter. Has she influenced your political thinking? Well, she thinks that she has! She's working on me. It's important to be surrounded by people who think differently than we do. We don't learn anything if we surround ourselves by people who think the same way we do.
Um, isn't it more important to surround ourselves by people who's thinking is motivated by the Truth. 61 years old and Ted hasn't bothered to get the answer to that famous question, "What is Truth?"
In so many ways, everything about this whole case, from the lawyer to the Prop 8 hearing, says it all about the present state of America.

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