Sunday, January 31, 2010

Abortion can kill you

Not just the baby.
New study links (what we already knew) abortion and oral contraception to an increased risk of breast cancer.
"An April 2009 study by Jessica Dolle et al. of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center examining the relationship between oral contraceptives (OCs) and triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), an aggressive form of breast cancer associated with high mortality, in women under age 45, contained an admission from Dr. Brinton and her colleagues that abortion raises breast cancer risk by 40%."
More here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael Savage on the Walk for Life West Coast

Michael Savage on the Walk for Life West Coast. Link at the Walk for Life site. Or find it at YouTube. Great photos too are now up at the site.

Oogedy Boogedy prayer intention

Just looking out for one another. Perhaps a few prayers directed Roger L. Simon's way after reading this observation he made after a recent dinner with Texas Gov. Perry:
"I did make one blunder, however. I started to eat before the Governor said Grace. Of course, that’s not surprising, since I am the last of the village atheists (or close). I have to admit I expected to be put off a bit by Perry’s religiosity, but I wasn’t at all. Perhaps that has more to do with me than with him. Although I am agnostic (not an atheist – who could really be one?), I have a growing respect, maybe even an envy, for religious people. And it’s not just because they seem to have better values than most people and often actually seem to behave better. It’s self-interest. The older I get, the more I want to believe in an after-life. (So far no luck.)" - Roger L. Simon
Emphasis ours.

More March for Life 2010 Photos

Over at Jill Stanek's blog.

Our thoughts exactly

"I think of myself as a pretty jaded person, but I admit to being gobsmacked by the naked disregard for truth of the media coverage of the 2010 March for Life. Shame on every so-called journalist involved." - Steven Greydanus

Friday, January 22, 2010

You too can have a holy baby

"The selfish liberals are not reproducing," Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda Levin said. "We Orthodox Jews are bringing in 7-14 children into a family. You too can have a holy baby." -as quoted in the Washington Times.
Well said.

March for Life 2010 slideshow

The Washington Times has a good slide show of today's events on the National Mall.
Htp: American Papist


Live Desk/Happening Now folks said they'll be covering Rally for Life at the Supreme Court.
Studio B only aired about 1 minute with Molly Henneberg who was marching along Constitution Ave with the crowd. By comparison, Shep Smith spent about 25 minutes on the story about a dog rescue in Los Angeles. Fox News: ALMOST fair and balanced.
However, around 5:32 pm Special Report did air Molly Henneberg's full package on the Annual Rally, March, and Silent No More Rally at the Supreme Court. Believe there was an interview with Mike Pence.
FOX REPORT had the tease for the Molly Henneberg package around 6:47 pm.

Marching for a Beautiful Life

In the words of Sarah Palin.

Be there in spirit

Join the Virtual March for Life.

Get out your marching boots

Today's the day. What? Can't attend in person? Try these sites:
Steven Greydanus is live-blogging
EWTN for Live Coverage
Going to be in D.C. for the weekend? Check out these Pro-Life events.