Saturday, March 27, 2010

We are the people who love and defend freedom

Sing it Gloria!
Gloria Estefan at the Calle Ocho march for the Ladies in White. See the video.
And an excellent blog item from Babalu Blog:
"Cubans Hunger For Change. In Miami, tens of thousands of Cuban exiles marched in solidarity with the Ladies in White in Havana. They marched in Boston. They are marching today in Barcelona, and marches are planned in Los Angeles (see Marta's post below), New York, and Madrid.
Cubans are once again making history, and in the process ending the regimes propaganda myth of a divided Cuban people. Whether living in exile, or under castro’s boot heel on the island, there is only one Cuban people, and today they are united in solidarity for freedom and human rights in Cuba. The castro’s and those who support them are on the way to history’s ignoble dustbin."
Freedom is the watchword of everyone who couldn't be at Searchlight today.

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