Monday, January 24, 2011

The Myth of Counter Demonstrators

From Steven Greydanus who is live-blogging the March for Life 2011:
I think the most mendacious reportage I saw was from, which opened with the lede, “Abortion rights supporters and opponents hit the streets of the nation’s capital Friday to mark the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade…” There were tens or hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators and a tiny handful of counter-demonstrators; most people I talked to had no idea there were any counter-demonstrators and certainly hadn’t seen any. But CNN’s two-photo slideshow started with a photo of the few pro-choicers there, and followed up with a single shot of some pro-lifers that gave no indication of the multiple orders of magnitude between the two groups.
This year, it will be even more obvious that we are the event and they are the counter-demonstrators, the footnote. Why? Because the anniversary of Roe v. Wade was on Saturday, but the March has been moved to Monday. Why? Because the March organizers don’t want to hold the event on a weekend when our representatives in DC are all gone. They want us to be as visible as possible. So our organizers moved the March. We chose Monday instead of Saturday or Friday. Whatever pro-choice demonstrators show up today will be there because we decided to march today. If they were their own independent thing, they could have chosen to march Saturday, Friday or whenever. But they aren’t. They’re watching us to see what we do.

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