Monday, January 23, 2012

Live Blogging March for Life 2012 -via television

Watching from home this year because of other commitments.
So far we've seen: beautiful Lord Have Mercy invocation from the Orthodox Church.
Nellie Gray plugs the Life Principles (check them out at the March for Life website).
Speaker John Boehner thanks his Mother for all of his siblings (they are 12 in number).
Cantor, Chris Smith. Among many others,
Pause for Silent No More Campaign women. Now back to Congressman greeting the crowd.
Representative Jean Schmidt (R - OH) on fire as usual.
Despite the rain and cold the crowd is excited.
Sean Duffy R-WI is articulate, got good cheers.
Don't forget Good Counsel Maternity Homes (Chris Bell, husband of Joan Andrews)
Student contest kids are up.
So foggy, rainy you can't even see the Capitol which is usually nicely framed behind the rally stage. Looks like it will be a soggy, slow march up Constitution Ave to the Supreme Court.
[Got to run, but the mini-speeches have been good, on topic, and moving. Keep watching at CSPAN or EWTN (also live streaming)].
Pastor Luke Robinson wants to know where are they, where is Sharpton, Obama, Jessie Jackson. Where are their voices stopping the genocide of the black people. Pastor Robinson, smoking, on fire pointing the finger at the Democratic leaders in the State of New York (60 of 100 pregnancies end in abortion in Manhattan).
Marchers are already on Constitution Ave with their soggy signs, ponchos, and umbrellas. Or is this the crowd coming from the Youth Rally at the Verizon Center? Hard to tell.
Did we just see a Hiberians for Life sign?
Let's do let's take America back!!! - Paster Luke Robinson
To paraphrase the good pastor, "Let's give the Culture of Death a good retirement party."

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