Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where is the President of Hope & Change? -March for Life 2012

Finally, found the video of Pastor Luke Robinson's address at the March for Life 2012 in Washington, D.C. He asks, "where is the president of change and hope"during this time of African-American abortion genocide?

How can we turn back when there are, when 60 percent of all African-American pregnancies in New York City ended in abortion? How can we be silent when 40 percent of the pregnancies in the Hispanic community in New York City was aborted?”
Rev. Robinson said that the large percentage of black babies who are aborted is a “tragedy,” and added: “Where is the president of change and hope? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is the NAACP? Where is the Black Congressional Congress--Caucus? And where for God’s sake is the voice of the African-American church and the pastor?

Complete story with video by Patrick Burke at

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