Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Yellow Balloon People at the March for Life 2012

Good work by Theresa Civantos of the Weekly Standard for following up with this youthful group from St. John Cantius in Chicago.
Brother Chad McCoy, a Catholic monk who works at St. John Cantius Church, helped coordinate and lead the group of nearly 250. 

“Some people have very different ideas about how the March for Life should be conducted, and I respect those ideas,” he said. “We don’t want to be perceived as being out there partying.”

McCoy’s group seeks to channel the students’ youthful enthusiasm toward a greater cause.

“Our goal is really to reach out to the young people,” he said. “Young people are drawn to a cause that is fun, energetic, and joyful.” And because of the movement's idealism. 

“Young people want to be heroes,” he said, “they want to be warriors. As we get older, we get jaded and say, ‘It doesn’t make a difference.’ 

The Oogedy Boogler will add...this echoes Pope John Paul II.

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