Friday, February 17, 2012

Jim Geraghty Tweets on the HHS Mandate

Jim Geraghty working through the illogic of the HHS mandate. Tweets from February 17, 2012:

Under the Reign of Sebelius, why must we ban co-pays for birth control but not for annual physicals? Vaccinations? Any lifesaving care?
Government cannot mandate copay-free coverage of a widely-used service w/o increasing premiums for all. Stunning how many insist otherwise.

Birth control cannot simultaneously be an inexpensive expense to mandate to insurers AND too expensive for patients to buy themselves. 

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Romanus said...

He really captures the irrationality of this ideology. He could have added the incongruity that doing all of that is more valuable to our nation than religious freedom.

Responsibility-free sex: The sacrament of the Democrat Party.

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