Monday, February 13, 2012

Na Péindlíthe. Are they coming next?

Na Péindlíthe. Irish Penal Laws. The Anchoress, herself, turns her attention to them as she is reminded that this is how tyrants rule.
Well, t’was ever thus, wasn’t it? They’ll be going after the home-schoolers, the crisis pregnancy centers next. And it will go on from there. This is what elites do when they wish to maintain power over folks who have the actual arguments against their doing so:
**Exclusion of Catholics from most public offices
**Ban on intermarriage with Protestants; repealed 1778
**Catholics barred from holding firearms or serving in the
**Ban on Catholics buying land under a lease of more than 31 years; repealed 1778.
**Ban on custody of orphans being granted to Catholics on pain of 500 pounds that was to be donated to the Blue Coat hospital in Dublin.
**Ban on Catholics inheriting Protestant land
**Prohibition on Catholics owning a horse valued at over £5 (in order to keep horses suitable for military activity out of the majority’s hands)
**’No person of the popish religion shall publicly or in private houses teach school, or instruct youth in learning within this realm’ upon pain of twenty pounds fine and three months in prison for every such offence.

 Read it all here. 

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