Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is this what the Obama Administration has in mind?

Pretty good summary of the Castro Administration..
The lack of economic freedom and opportunity makes it difficult for ordinary Cubans to get by on the rations and meager salaries paid out by the regime, so many of them are forced to hustle just to make ends meet. This is a tragedy in a country that — though seriously marred by consecutive corrupt and repressive regimes — once was among the richest in the region. In fact, the fertile but mostly uncultivated land, the majestic but often dilapidated buildings, the lack of stores with quality goods other than rum and cigars (and the ubiquitous Che Guevara T-shirts for the historically illiterate), and the general absence of commerce and industry are a testament to the utter failure of Castro’s revolution.
More on Jacob Mchangama's visit to Cuba here.

Oh, and one of the consequences of being "forced to hustle"to make ends meet...increase in prostitution. Hey, is this why the One Who Will Save Women wants free birth control?

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