Thursday, March 15, 2012

Visualizing the One Percent

And now we interrupt our bitter clinging for a brief musical interlude.
Instapundit redirected our attention to the new Bruce Springsteen recording which we had been ignoring [to think our ticket and cd sales helped make the Boss what he is today...defender of the Obama Administration] by highlighting this article in PJMedia.
Murder, Incorporated: Bruce Springsteen Goes All-In with #OWS Multimillionaire pop artist and political mascot wishes death upon his fellow One Percenters.
What PJMedia failed to do is illustrate this article with some nice visuals. So here, let us help them.
This is what the One Percent looks like.

Hey, it's only the Windsor Horse Show in England, I mean, it's not like owning a whole stable full of polo ponies.
Nothing so decadent as this, right? Right?


Black tie dinner on horseback. Old New York Society Four Hundred.

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