Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Works of Mercy

Pope Benedict's will be preforming a corporal work of mercy this Lent by visiting the prisoners of the captive island nation of Cuba.

Keep in mind this particular story and pray that he can help ransom the captive Alan Gross, a veteran American aid worker who has been a prisoner in Cuba since December 3, 2009.

Alan Gross and his wife Judy are pictured (left) and Rabbi Arthur Schneier and Alan Gross are pictured (right). | AP Photos
The wife of American aid worker Alan Gross, who’s been imprisoned in Cuba for more than two years, said Tuesday she is “disappointed” that President Barack Obama hasn’t responded to her plea to discuss her husband’s case.
Gross, 62 and suffering from health problems, was initially jailed without charges for 14 months and was then convicted by the Cuban courts of attempting to subvert the government. Gross was working in Cuba on a humanitarian mission as a subcontractor for USAID: to improve internet access for the Jewish communities on the island nation.
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