Thursday, May 10, 2012

Call Her Julia

Originally posted this on March 13th, but let's update this thought experiment, let's call this girl Julia.

Thought experiment for the day.
Let’s say your 18 year old daughter Julia goes off to college with a prescription for birth control pills (a Type 1 Carcinogen*) for her acne or to, you know, regulate her menstrual cycle. Conveniently, it also provides birth control for when she starts hooking up with guys. She’s still taking it when she meets that bum guy she eventually gets engaged to at 26. Finally, they get married at 30. Wonderful grandchild follows despite being related to that extraordinary meathead son-in-law.
So let’s count. That’s roughly 12 years of birth control pills. To put it another way that’s 12 years of ingesting a Type 1 Carcinogen. many years does a Navy welder have to work in the Navy yard before having enough exposure to asbestos to eventually contract mesothelioma?
Where are the trial lawyers? John Edwards call your office!
P.S. The One Who Will Save Women wants all the gals to have access to free Type 1 Carcinogens birth control pills. Or does it just mean he's in the pocket of Big Pharma?
*Group 1 Carcinogens, ever hear of them? Some Type 1s you might be more familiar with: arsenic, asbestos, benzene (a main ingredient in napalm), cigarettes, formaldehyde, mustard gas, plutonium-239, radioiodines, to name a few.

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