Saturday, June 9, 2012

Big Pharma

Some things to read, watch and think about regarding Big Pharma and our Brave New Pill Culture.

The Pill Kills 2012 National Symposium filmed at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill in DC on June 2nd.
Event sponsored by the America Life League.

Post-Pill Paradise. Really? Here's an article in Slate titled Unexpected Pregnancy: Should a man be responsible for supporting a baby he didn't want. Snippet:
In a certain sense, all of this was simpler in the days when a baby was simply an accepted risk of sex—if everyone knew and understood and agreed that if you fell into bed with someone there might be a baby (or, if it was 1890, that you might die in childbirth). But now, after Roev. Wade, and in what Updike once called our “post-pill paradise,” most liberal youngish people don’t accept that idea, and operate under the general assumption, after a couple of glasses of wine, that you can go home with someone and not end up with 18 years of bills for diapers and babysitters and Lego ninjas.
Related: We like the work that these guys are doing in keeping tabs on what Big Pharma is doing in the field of vaccines.

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