Sunday, July 15, 2012

Abortion - Autism Link

Very little research is being done about the aborted fetal stem cell lines used in childhood vaccines. What is the effect of introducing an aborted baby's DNA into a healthy baby via a vaccine?
Perhaps a possible trigger for an auto-immune attack or auto-immune disease like Autism.

Dr. Theresa Deischer of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical talks about it here at Anne Dachel's Autism and the Media blog:

Here are two potential and biologically known and proven mechanisms that could happen to this DNA. One, since it’s not quite the child’s, it could be recognized as foreign and an immune response mounted to it. Since it’s so close to the child’s because it’s human, that immune response could end up being able to attack the child itself called an auto-immune attack. We know this happens when we give a biologic to someone that’s close to their own, but not quite. …”
“The years that these aborted fetal vaccines were introduced, are the years in what we call change points. …Autism was flat, four out of 10,000 for decades and decades and decades, and in 1979 it starts to rise. In 1988, it takes another steep rise that coincides with a vaccine compliance campaign and a second dose. And in 1995, it takes its steepest rise. That’s when chicken pox was introduced. And the chicken pox has the highest level of these contaminants of aborted fetal cells.”

Here are the links to the radio interviews with Dr. Theresa Deischer that Anne is quoting.
Carrie Abbott interviews Dr. Deischer on Abortion & Immunization
Carrie Abbott interviews Dr. Deischer on Immunizations & Autism
Carrie Abbott hosts a radio program with the Legacy Institute.

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