Monday, July 16, 2012

Fetal Free Certification.

Ask for it by name. Check out Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute certification program:

We are all touched by the pervasive use of aborted fetal material.  Almost 92% of our children have been given vaccines made using aborted fetal cell lines, which are contaminated with aborted fetal cell DNA and a retrovirus.  This has happened without our knowledge or consent!  By letting people know about these tainted vaccines, by working tirelessly for informed consent and full disclosure for consumers, and by working to develop alternative vaccines, Sound Choice is championing the interests of parents, grandparents, pediatricians, pharmacists, nurses, insurers, and all who are obliged to promote vaccines.  Without knowing what is put into our vaccines we cannot make choices aligned with our values; and without alternative vaccines we cannot exercise our free choice as consumers.

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