Friday, August 3, 2012

Do "It" for your Country -Updated

Bumped this up because of Update...further horrors of the One Child Athlete Program:

Wu's life seems to reinforce all our worst stereotypes about the Chinese Olympic program. Now 26, Wu began attending daily diving camp at six years old. At 16, she left home to live in a government-sponsored training facility, where she rarely saw her family, didn't attend school—didn't do anything but dive, all day, over and over again for this last decade.

The Iranian Government wants you to have more babies and stop using contraception.
In a major reversal of once far-reaching family planning policies, authorities are now slashing its birth-control programs in an attempt to avoid an ageing demographic similar to many Western countries that are struggling to keep up with state medical and social security costs.
The changes - announced in Iranian media last week - came after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei described the country's wide-ranging contraceptive services as "wrong." The independent Shargh newspaper quoted Mohammad Esmail Motlaq, a Health Ministry official, as saying family planning programs have been cut from the budget for the current Iranian year, which began in March.
[We'll just note that Iran is saving money by cutting contraceptives out of the budget while the US is about to give away "free" birth control under the HHS Mandate.]

Meanwhile, China will take away your one child if demonstrates athletic ability in swimming and gymnastics.

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