Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Reads

Poison, poison everywhere. For the young and for the old.

Be sure to catch the excellent Dr. Joel Brind, who had a guest post earlier this week at Jill Stanek's site, titled: New York City's Class I carcinogenic mayor
But now our nanny mayor wants to give our school children – orally and by injection, without parental knowledge or consent – cancer-causing steroid drugs.
Read the whole thing.

And law professor Dwight Duncan reminds Massachusetts voters to vote NO on assisted suicide:
On Election Day in November, in addition to electing a president, we the people of Massachusetts, or at least those of us who take the trouble to vote, will be deciding whether to legalize prescribing "medication" to end someone's life. Question 2 is a ballot question, and I for one plan to vote NO. For one thing, I don't like medications that are actually lethal. Without euphemism, we used to call them simply "poison."
Whole thing here.

And in other news, Danish sperm donor passes genetic disorder to five children. Good time as any to remind everyone about the major moral difficulty with IVF, so here's Dr. John Haas with Begotten Not Made: A Catholic View of Reproductive Technology.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Obamacare and FREE sterilization of minors

According to the National Catholic Register, some new health care plans will allow minors access to free contraception"

Minor children on their parents’ health care plans will have free coverage of sterilization and contraception, including abortion-causing drugs, under the controversial HHS mandate – and depending on the state, they can obtain access without parental consent.

Sounds so similar to what is going on in the New York Public School System.
And may we remind that offering free contraception and abortion inducing drugs to minors can in may cases be a means for the cover up of sexual abuse among minors.
And we're not even taking about how oral contraceptives, according to the World Health Organization, are Type 1 Carcinogens.

Monday, September 24, 2012

New York City Schools Covering Up Sex Abuse

Massive cover-up of rape and sex abuse cases by the New York City Public School System!

Actually, the headline form the New York Post reads: "New York City high schools giving students morning-after pills and other birth control without telling parents."

But this basically amounts to the same thing, we mean, the non-reporting of under-age sex and pregnancies. Who's to say the father of the child is a fellow classmate?

Need we remind you of the serious health risks from the "Plan B Pill" and that oral contraceptives are listed as Type 1 Carcinogens according to the World Health Organization. On that note, we guess you could say that the New York City Public School System is promoting cancer (does Mayor Bloomberg know?).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Planned Parenthood Provider of Botched Abortions

The latest incident reported by LifeSiteNews:
A Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, has been sued for negligence for a botched abortion after the abortionist allegedly failed to diagnose a client’s tubal pregnancy, which painfully ruptured 25 days later necessitating emergency surgery. She is now infertile.
Whole story here.

Planned Parenthood, you remember them, they rather like Obamacare and it's free abortion and contraception for all. And this from the Daily Caller, NARAL helping to re-elect Obama:

NARAL Pro-Choice America plans to target pro-choice “Obama defector” women this election cycle to help secure a Barack Obama second term.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Infanticide and England

Horrific story about the Culture of Death in England. Mother induces abortion at home a week before the baby is due. Luckily, the judge (for once) appears to understand that this is a case of manslaughter.

The judge said Catt could have been charged with destruction of a child.
'What you did was end the life of a child that was capable of being born alive by inducing birth or miscarriage,' he said. 'What you have done is rob an apparently healthy child, vulnerable and defenceless, of the life which he was about to commence.'
The judge said Catt would have been charged with murder if the baby had been born a few days later and she had then killed him. 
'The child in the womb was so near to birth, in my judgment all right-thinking people would think this offence more serious than unintentional manslaughter,' he said.

Read more:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Calgary Catholics Refuse to be Bullied

Calgary Catholic School Board refuses to be bullied by the Province into providing onsite HPV (Gardasil) vaccine to Catholic schoolgirls. Whole story here.

But Calgary Catholic school chair Mary Martin said it’s a matter of faith, and everything at the board is taught through that lens.
“The vaccine itself is a parental choice,” she said. “The province, certainly Calgary Catholic and the bishops, recognize the parents as the first and best educators of their kids. “We want to leave that choice firmly . . . making it a parental decision.”

Hat tip to The Refusers.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kathleen Sebelius, Culture of Death Poster Girl

Kathleen Sebelius, the poster child of the Pro-Choice Catholic who embodies the Culture of Death, is in the news again. Seems that the Health and Human Services Secretary illegally campaigned on the taxpayers dime. The Daily Caller also picks up on the same story about her violating the Hatch Act.

In response to the illegal campaign finance news Anne Dachel, a contributor over at Age of Autism, writes:
This is nothing compared to her work promoting vaccines like a pharma rep and covering up the autism epidemic.
May we remind you that Sebelius' shady past goes back to her days as pro-choice governor of Kansas, where she thwarted the Attorney General's attempt to investigate the failure of abortionist George Tiller to report child sex abuse cases:

Sebelius repeatedly erected political and legal roadblocks to thwart AG [Phill] Kline’s investigation of two late-abortion clinics for illegal abortions of children and fraudulent reporting to the state.
Kline’s investigation found that during a time when over 160 Kansas children 14 and younger had abortions in Kansas, late-term abortionist George Tiller and Comprehensive Health of Planned Parenthood each only reported one case of child sex abuse. This evidence, however, was squelched by orders from the Kansas Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Carol Beier (one of the recusers) and actions of former Attorneys General Paul Morrison and Stephen Six.
Furthermore, it was learned only last year that Sebelius’s Kansas Health Department shredded documents in 2005 that provided evidence that Planned Parenthood filed false reports to try to cover its tail after Kline launched his investigation.
Read more at Lifesitenews.

Remember how the Anchoress asked:
is there a politician alive who loves abortion more than Barack Obama? Is there a bureaucrat alive who serves it more faithfully than Kathleen Sebelius?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two Child Policy

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge say two children will do.* There goes the Kingdom.
We remind you of "Whither Britannia."

*We can't also help but think, "good luck with that," since we can only imagine that the Duchess has been on oral contraceptives all those long years while waiting to get married. Wasn't it something like 8 years or more. Anyhow, we all know that oral contraceptives are a Type 1 Carcinogen. What? Didn't know that? Don't take our word for it, this comes from the World Health Organization. Hey, don't get upset folks, we wish them well, just pointing out the obvious complications to their perfect plan.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You can get pregnant NATURALLY after 40

Why highlight NATURALLY? Because it can be done. You need a good doctor and you need learn about NaPro Technology. You don't have to take fertility treatments or do IVF, you just need to know your body.

Here's a snippet from Jennifer Fulwiler's interview with Lori Mazzurana of the John Paul II Life Center in Austin, TX.

4. You mentioned that you benefited from NaPro technology when you were trying to have children. Tell us about that.
Paul and I started doing NFP as soon as we got married in 2000; I had just turned forty-one. I had warned him before we got married that I may not be able to conceive children and that we needed to start trying right away since my biological clock was ticking. We went to many OB/GYNs who offered to start me on fertility drugs and treatments, but dismissed seeing my NFP chart. We finally found a wonderful OB/GYN who practiced NaPro Technology. We had one early miscarriage and between him and our NFP counselor, they determined that I needed extra progesterone to help with the implantation of the embryo. This was what helped our pregnancies along and we now have two beautiful boys that are ages 10 and 8.

Monday, September 10, 2012

#2. You Will Be Happy

With your Down Syndrome Baby. Here's Cassy Fiano's 9 Reasons Down Syndrome Won't Ruin Your Life:
You might not realize it when you first get the diagnosis, but believe it or not, you will be happier because of this child. Families who have a child with Down syndrome overwhelmingly report that they have a more positive outlook on life.
The thought of having a child with a disability is so intimidating and scary. It’s hard to picture how a more challenging childhood could also equal a happier one. But it’s true. Far from being embarrassed or sad about Wyatt’s Down syndrome, I’m proud of it. I want to tell everyone who sees him, coos over how cute he is, and asks questions about him that he has Down syndrome. I almost feel like I want to brag about it because … we’ve got it pretty great right now!
Read the whole thing here

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Whither Britannia?

The decline of the Empire outlined by three articles in one edition of the Telegraph (UK), September 8, 2012.

1. Job of being Fake Pope "too big for one man" says Archbishop of Canterbury.

2. The Prime Minister's new Health Minister says that the terminally ill should be allowed to kill themselves. 

3. The Silver Cross, the "Rolls Royce" of prams is to open it's first ever store .... in Communist, One-Child Policy, Hong Kong... and not in England.

Ah, the Destruction of the Anglican Church and the Destruction of Human Life together since the Lambeth Conference of 1930.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Read

Culture of Death Totally Takes Over Democrat Party Edition:

Jay Nordlinger opines on Sandra Fluke
When I saw the great and the good rise to their feet in admiration for the gibberish this woman was speaking — her moral nonsense — I felt almost physically sick. I’m talking about Joe Biden, Michelle Obama . . . These are people with considerable power in our country. And this is what’s in their hearts and minds? It is.
Whole thing here.

Margaret Carlson wonders How the Democrats Lost Their Way On Abortion.

Friday, September 7, 2012

In case you haven't been following

the Todd Akin story in Missouri, here's the latest on the Missouri Senate Race:

Phyllis Schlafly supports Akin and calls for Karl Rove to butt out.
"Rove has disliked Akin ever since Akin was one of the principled members of the U.S. House who voted against George W. Bush’s extravagant expansion of Medicare when the vote was called at 5:53 am in November 2003. Akin is a man of principle who doesn’t cave in to political pressure, so he’s not Rove’s kind of politician."
Mike Huckabee weighed in. So did NewtResulting in what the Washington Examiner says is the return of the Missouri Senate race to being a referendum on Claire McCaskill ...with an added bonus backlash against Rove/GOP Establishment.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Feminism rotting away

Hat tip to Orwell's Picnic for picking up on this Kathy Shaidle on feminist Shulamith Firestone, feminism, and mental health:

Firestone published her radical manifesto calling for the liberation of women from childbirth’s unfair burden—and from gender itself—at only 25. That’s around the age when schizophrenia tends to claim its victims, of which she was one.
You'll want to read the whole Shaidle article here:

Dems Walk the Plank UPDATED

The Democratic Party has decided to walk the plank right off into the deep end of insanity.
At the 2012 Democratic National Convention they have embraced abortion and jettisoned God.
Here's a round up:

Democratic Party Platform Includes Abortion, Same-Sex 'Marriage,' While Excluding God 
For the first time in American history, a major U.S. political party has incorporated support for a redefinition of marriage into its official statement of beliefs.

From the National Catholic Register

The spirit of Margaret Sanger at the Democratic National Convention...
By David Swindle over at PJ Media.

Gambling on Abortion: Remembering the Great Democratic Abortion Freak-Out of 2004

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller asks "Do Democrats Risk Losing Their Narrative by Turning Convention into Abortion-palooza?"
"The Tragic Extinction of Pro-Life Democrats" by Jonathan Last at the Weekly Standard

Updated-we finished writing this post and it seems that they are walking back the part about God but not the other.

Updated 9/6/12
Here is Hadley Arkes in the NRO:
For it’s not a matter of one word more or less, one or more mentions of God. The real heart of the issue is that most of the people in that hall, in the Democratic convention, really don’t accept the understanding of rights contained in the Declaration of Independence: The Declaration appealed first to “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” as the very ground of our natural rights.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Merck in the news again

This time in the Mysterious Case of the Missing Contraceptive Implants (thanks to Daily Mail UK for reporting). Seems that those implants just like to float away from the original implant spot. Never to be seen again (sort of).

To refresh your memory, Merck also manufactures the following:
MMR Vaccine which contains fetal cell matter.
Gardasil Vaccine which has been known to cause strokes.
Nuvaring contraceptive which has been known to cause blood clots and heart attack.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dems endorse taxpayer funded abortion

Weekly Standard has the scoop on the Democratic platform and it's endorsement of taxpayer funded abortions.

Reminds us of something we read at American Notebook, in response to this summer's Supreme Court decision, where AN asks "Time Has Come to Tax Abortion."