Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dems Walk the Plank UPDATED

The Democratic Party has decided to walk the plank right off into the deep end of insanity.
At the 2012 Democratic National Convention they have embraced abortion and jettisoned God.
Here's a round up:

Democratic Party Platform Includes Abortion, Same-Sex 'Marriage,' While Excluding God 
For the first time in American history, a major U.S. political party has incorporated support for a redefinition of marriage into its official statement of beliefs.

From the National Catholic Register

The spirit of Margaret Sanger at the Democratic National Convention...
By David Swindle over at PJ Media.

Gambling on Abortion: Remembering the Great Democratic Abortion Freak-Out of 2004

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller asks "Do Democrats Risk Losing Their Narrative by Turning Convention into Abortion-palooza?"
"The Tragic Extinction of Pro-Life Democrats" by Jonathan Last at the Weekly Standard

Updated-we finished writing this post and it seems that they are walking back the part about God but not the other.

Updated 9/6/12
Here is Hadley Arkes in the NRO:
For it’s not a matter of one word more or less, one or more mentions of God. The real heart of the issue is that most of the people in that hall, in the Democratic convention, really don’t accept the understanding of rights contained in the Declaration of Independence: The Declaration appealed first to “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” as the very ground of our natural rights.

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