Friday, September 7, 2012

In case you haven't been following

the Todd Akin story in Missouri, here's the latest on the Missouri Senate Race:

Phyllis Schlafly supports Akin and calls for Karl Rove to butt out.
"Rove has disliked Akin ever since Akin was one of the principled members of the U.S. House who voted against George W. Bush’s extravagant expansion of Medicare when the vote was called at 5:53 am in November 2003. Akin is a man of principle who doesn’t cave in to political pressure, so he’s not Rove’s kind of politician."
Mike Huckabee weighed in. So did NewtResulting in what the Washington Examiner says is the return of the Missouri Senate race to being a referendum on Claire McCaskill ...with an added bonus backlash against Rove/GOP Establishment.

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