Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Reads

Poison, poison everywhere. For the young and for the old.

Be sure to catch the excellent Dr. Joel Brind, who had a guest post earlier this week at Jill Stanek's site, titled: New York City's Class I carcinogenic mayor
But now our nanny mayor wants to give our school children – orally and by injection, without parental knowledge or consent – cancer-causing steroid drugs.
Read the whole thing.

And law professor Dwight Duncan reminds Massachusetts voters to vote NO on assisted suicide:
On Election Day in November, in addition to electing a president, we the people of Massachusetts, or at least those of us who take the trouble to vote, will be deciding whether to legalize prescribing "medication" to end someone's life. Question 2 is a ballot question, and I for one plan to vote NO. For one thing, I don't like medications that are actually lethal. Without euphemism, we used to call them simply "poison."
Whole thing here.

And in other news, Danish sperm donor passes genetic disorder to five children. Good time as any to remind everyone about the major moral difficulty with IVF, so here's Dr. John Haas with Begotten Not Made: A Catholic View of Reproductive Technology.

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