Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You can get pregnant NATURALLY after 40

Why highlight NATURALLY? Because it can be done. You need a good doctor and you need learn about NaPro Technology. You don't have to take fertility treatments or do IVF, you just need to know your body.

Here's a snippet from Jennifer Fulwiler's interview with Lori Mazzurana of the John Paul II Life Center in Austin, TX.

4. You mentioned that you benefited from NaPro technology when you were trying to have children. Tell us about that.
Paul and I started doing NFP as soon as we got married in 2000; I had just turned forty-one. I had warned him before we got married that I may not be able to conceive children and that we needed to start trying right away since my biological clock was ticking. We went to many OB/GYNs who offered to start me on fertility drugs and treatments, but dismissed seeing my NFP chart. We finally found a wonderful OB/GYN who practiced NaPro Technology. We had one early miscarriage and between him and our NFP counselor, they determined that I needed extra progesterone to help with the implantation of the embryo. This was what helped our pregnancies along and we now have two beautiful boys that are ages 10 and 8.

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