Friday, October 5, 2012

Bastard Nation

Roger Clegg at NRO reports that the numbers are in from the CDC and out-of-wedlock births are still around 40.7 %.

Bastard Births, excuse us, out-of-wedlock births by the numbers:
Non-Hispanic Blacks     72.3 %
American Indians           66.2%
Hispanics                        53.3%
Non-Hispanic Whites     29.1%
Asians                             17.2%

And here's Clegg's modest proposal:
"Why don’t the NAACP and similar organizations take all the money they use to challenge and complain about the standards that their groups (in the aggregate) don’t meet when it comes to university admissions, selective high-school admissions, school discipline, mortgage loans, police and firefighter tests, felon disenfranchisement laws, employment policies that look at criminal records, etc., etc., and use that money to figure out ways to bring down the illegitimacy rates that drive all these other disparities?"

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