Thursday, October 18, 2012

Connecting the dots

Sorry folks, been meaning to write but caught up...well...connecting the dots. So let's begin, shall we. It all started with this post from Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds:
I SUSPECT THE PROLIFERATION OF HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL IS INVOLVED: More Young People Suffering Strokes. Posted at 7:06 am by Glenn Reynolds 
We couldn't agree more. Birth Control is linked to strokes. Interesting tidbit, a few year's ago Glenn's wife, the PJMedia contributor Dr. Helen, suffered a heart attack which they believe might have been birth control induced (see her comments from this post).
I also, was on birth control pills and wonder if they played a role in my getting a blood clot. Doctors like to think they are safe and get annoyed if you say otherwise, but I think for some women, they are dangerous. 
So it's a good time to remind everyone that the World Health Organization (WHO) has classified oral contraception as a Type I or Class 1 Carcinogen. You know, like cigarettes...or asbestos or arsenic or benzene.*

And all this was in our minds when we recently ran across this from from a different "Dr. Helen", law professor Helen Alvare, who wrote in the Washington Examiner:
Women who want contraceptives at a lower cost may think that their freedom is growing. What they may not realize is that supporters of the mandate are avowedly trying to change their behavior -- to move women from their current methods of contraception to more expensive "long-acting reversible contraceptives" like the IUD and implant, which work for years and can only be removed by a doctor. About 5 percent of women use them today, but in a recent study, researchers offered all methods for "free" but persuaded about 75 percent of a cohort of women to get LARCs inserted. This study, which proves that medical professionals can badger women into long-term sterility, is being hailed as a paradigm for the contraceptive mandate.
So not only under Obamacare will contraception be "free" (i.e. the Government wants all women to have free access to Class 1 Carcinogens...just like Mayor Bloomberg is proposing), but the government is going to start promoting sterilization. Seems like the One Who Will Save Women, wants to save them from ever having children. So, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger.**

Anyhow, this all came full circle for us when we starting thinking about how not only does the Government want to control your fertility it wants to control how you die.

Breitbart recently had a piece about Stephen Rattner a former Obama advisor who wrote a NYTimes op-ed about the need for "death panels"/rationed health care.

Want to know what "Death Panels" [in the UK they are known as CARE Pathways] look like in practice? Read these two pieces from the Daily Mail, which has been chronicling the decline and fall of Great Britain:

Care? No, this is a pathway to killing people that doctors deem worthless
One woman's lonely death on the NHS's 'care pathway' to the grave: MPs demand action after another patient is chosen to die without doctors telling family

But don't worry, they don't want to plunge a knife in you or anything like that, they probably just want to sedate you to death [which is assisted suicide, by the way, in case you forgot that's murder according to the ol' Seventh Commandment].

And you know, of course, what they're now doing in Belgium with assisted suicide patients? They're now harvesting their organs. Something for everyone.

Full circle. This is what four more years of "Hope and Change" will look like. And if people tell you otherwise it's just malarkey.

Dare we say it? Vote for Mitt Romney and vote to create a Republican majority in the Senate.

*Dr. Joel Brind reminds us that "hormonal contraceptives" is a misnomer, they are in fact steroids.
And the reason I put “hormonal contraceptives” in quotes is that it is not true. The pill contains no hormones – artificial or otherwise. They are steroid drugs that act like hormones (hormone agonists, to be professionally precise). In fact, hormones would not work as a pill, so they have to be synthetic drugs. In fact, they are really the same type of steroid drugs that professional athletes can go to jail for taking. They are just the female version (which makes the breasts grow), rather than the male version (which makes muscles grow).
** Hey, did you know that current Planned Parenthood President, Cecile Richards, salary is 400K? As in $400,000 dollars. Does that make her part of the 1%? Whatever, Cecile says not to worry it's not taxpayer money. Oh, okay then.

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