Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Through Wind and Waves UPDATED

Quite the battle going on as we count down to election day...the decision that will lead us out of the 40 Years of Wandering in the Culture of Death Desert... or not.

As we keep all people effected by Hurricane Sandy in our prayers, please remember Barbara Curtis, the  great photo-blogger of the annual March for Life in Washington DC. Barbara (mother of 12) has suffered a massive stroke and is not expected to regain consciousness.

UPDATE - Barbara Curtis passed away on the afternoon of October 30th, 2012. Please pray for the repose of the soul of this courageous Pro-Lifer.

And some thoughts on the "desert," Hurricane Sandy, and the Year of Faith by blogger Fr. Bob Connor:

What does a hurricane have to do with the Year of Faith? Everything! And this because the event of the hurricane awakens us from the boredom and monotony of quotidian boilerplate work- performance punctuated by the trivial titillation of interconnected pseudo interpersonalism via hand-held gagetry -  to a sudden discovery of the persons around you with whom you find that you really have something in common: a hurricane.
The Year of Faith has been called to shake us out of the acedia that has numbed us into being accustomed to the absence of Jesus Christ in this parched eschatological desert that stretches from the Ascension to the Parousia without a blip of intimacy with Him. Cardinal Ratzinger once asked: “However did we arrive at that tedious and tedium-laden Christianity which we moderns observe and, indeed, know from our own experience?[1] Ultimately we have lost the experience of Christ, the personal intimacy with Him, the internal reception of Him as Our Lady at the Annunciation. This must be regained.

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