Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's the End of the World As We Know It

A little R.E.M. tune is running through our minds this Sunday, when we read these stories in the NY Post:

Columnist Michael Vaccaro says Mary Wittenberg, NYRR president deserves to be fired for blaming the media for common-decent canceling of the NYC Marathon.
Blame the media? Please. I wish the media could take the credit for making a fool like Wittenberg understand how wrong it was to pursue running this race. The media? It was a public outcry, an opinion raging in the name of common sense and common decency — and flying in the face of the arrogance embodied by the NYRR.
And this story about Nanny Bloomberg's unannounced visit to the Rockaways:
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio added, “We have never seen anything like this in our lives. It’s a kind of destruction you think happens in other parts of the world but not here. This is definitely one of the hardest hit areas in the whole city. It’s like civilization has come undone.”
Yes my friend, civilization has been coming undone in New York City for awhile now. Culture of Death 101 means people = things. People as mere objects.

In fact, NYC has been objectifying people since it legalized abortion in 1970.

Oh wait, the City's been objectifying people since 1916 when Margaret Sanger opened her first birth control clinic at 46 Amboy Street, Brooklyn.

No wait. Let's ask freed slave Venerable Pierre Toussaint, the only lay person interred at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NY.

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