Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Daniel Foster at NRO writes about what's next:
I was always among those who thought the goose was cooked on Obamacare after Chief Justice Roberts’ gymnastics. But there is still some hope of fighting a rearguard action. Consider three stories out today.
1) Republicans have become the first party in 12 years to hold 30 governorships, having taken North Carolina for the first time in 20 years. They also hold 26 state legislatures.
2) Much of Obamacare’s implementation still relies on the action of said governors and said state legislatures. (Though folks quoted in the story speculate that a lot of hesitant red states will have been chastened by yesterday and come around).
3) But not Missouri, not yet. Missouri has passed a ballot measure forbidding the governor from creating Obamacare exchanges unless enacted by state law, which under current conditions means that there simply won’t be a state exchange.

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