Friday, November 9, 2012

Personhood Amendment

What now my loves? Some young Pro-Lifers, like Jason Jones, think it's time to think outside the box. Roe v. Wade won't get overturned. However, personhood initiatives have "across the aisle" appeal.

John Zmirak at NCRegister has scoop where he quotes Jones:

“Now it’s clear we won’t have votes to overturn Roe. So we must focus on the sole means left for protecting unborn Americans: a constitutional amendment defining them as persons. Brent Bozell of Triumph magazine argued back in 1973 that we needed to do the long, slow, thankless work needed to push such an amendment through the Congress and the states. It is time we finally get started on that work.

“Precisely because it’s detached from economic issues, this amendment would gain support (as the personhood initiatives have) from demographic groups who for simple, tribal reasons (like Boston Irish) will never vote Republican. We saw that the amendment defending traditional marriage did well with minority voters in California."

More here about the Human Life Amendment at

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