Monday, December 10, 2012

Daycare Generation vs Childless Generation

Well, we've spoken about the Daycare Generation that pulled it's weight around during our last election, now we probably should turn our attention to the Childless Generation. The high degree of childlessness in America is currently surpassed by Germany. So let's take a look at the outcome:
To give you just one example, Germany has had a higher degree of childlessness than America, and for a longer time. In a 2006 survey of fertility aspirations, 23 percent of German men said that having no children was the ideal form of family life. Think about that for a moment. And now think about what it means for a civilization to have a quarter of its men not interested in having any children at all.
By the way, in case you missed it the outcome is this: end of western civilization as we know it. We're just saying. Read the whole thing here.

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