Sunday, January 13, 2013

March for Life Paris 2013 - En Marche Pour La Vie

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Official website En Marche Pour La Vie.

Robert Royal at First Things writes:
The simple math is astonishing. France’s population is a fifth of America’s, which means the demonstration may have been the equivalent of five million Americans demonstrating in Washington.

National Catholic Register reports:

Over 1 million people reportedly took to the streets in France on Jan. 13 in opposition to President Francois Hollande’s “marriage for all” proposal.
Figures show between 1.3 and 1.5 million protested against their president’s plans to pass same-sex "marriage," according to Bruno Dary, the former military governor of the city of Paris. Numbers from other media outlets range from an estimated 340,000 to 800,000 attendees.

BBCnews has video. Huge crowd at today's March for Marriage and the Family.

The Blaze reports that thousands converge on Eiffel Tower to protest a change in civilization that they don't want.

News from Deutsche Welle: Organizers claimed 800,000 people were in attendance for the rally,
Demonstrators against gay marriage, adoption and procreation assistance gather in the streets of Paris, January 13, 2013. REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Video from AlJazeeraEnglish

Protestors wave flags during a demonstration in Paris, Sunday, Jan. 13, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of protesters are mobilizing against the French president's plan to legalize gay marriage. (Thibault Camus/AP)
Photo from WBUR Boston NPR Radio

Photo of crowd from BBC

BBC slideshow of March for Marriage and the Family Paris 

Paris24 reports "Huge Crowds Rally in Paris Against Gay Marriage."

Chicago Tribune/Reuters "Protesters converge on Paris to march against gay marriage."

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