Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Read

Things to read if you are not currently in Paris participating in their March for Life on January 13th.

Kathryn Jean Lopez notes how House Speaker John Boehner is channeling Henry Hyde:

...he sounded a bit like Henry Hyde, who said when he first took the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee said: 
If we don’t believe that what we are doing here can rise above the brokering of raw interests–if we do not believe that politics and the making of the law can contribute to the ennobling of American democracy–then we have no moral claim to a seat in the Congress of the United States. 
John Boehner has said of Hyde “there is no one I admired more. No one.” 
Excellent  interview with Bobby Schindler over at NCRegister. Snippet:
They look at a baby and think, "Yes, I’ll fight for that baby’s life." Then they see someone with a catastrophic brain injury. The first thing that goes through their mind is not to fight for them like they were a little baby. It’s, "Oh, I wouldn’t want to live that way."
Who would choose to live that way, if they could choose? Quite frankly, nobody would choose to live that way. But there are people living with these brain injuries, and they’ve just as much value and dignity as you or me. Just because they physically can’t do something, somehow they’ve lost their dignity and sacredness in the eyes of God? That’s ridiculous. So we have to get people to understand these people need protection just as much as the unborn babies. They have to get involved. They have to get educate themselves. They have to want to defend the lives of our medically vulnerable.
In vitro Fertilization and murder in the United Kingdom. Jill Stanek has the story: "More Than Three Million Human Embryos Destroyed in UK IVF."


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