Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Read

If you haven't already come across these this week, read 'em!

Have you seen the International Abortion Counter? Hat tip to Deacon's Bench.

DailyMailUK reports that a 3D scan of a disabled baby's smile convinced his mother not to abort him - and why she is grateful she was able to cuddle him with joy for a few precious hours.
Whole story here.

Robert Oscar Lopez on the "Lessons from France on Defending Marriage."
France offers activists an example of a country that can question gay rhetoric without engaging in the violent homophobia one sees in the repressive laws of Putin’s Russia. Those who feel no ill will toward LGBT people, but who believe that there is something special about male-female relationships—marriages—especially because of their role in rearing children, must watch closely what unfurls. 
And Carl Olson reflects on what Lopez had to say...
There is much to ponder here, but one thing that gives me pause is how far down the road of objectification we have traveled in the U.S. This is quite obvious, of course, when it comes to the epidemic of pornography, but it is also a serious problem when it comes to children. In short, there are many Americans who believe they have a right to "have children", and to treat children like projects or even experiments, as if they are blank slates that can be filled up with the whims of their parents (and others).
Elizabeth Lev wonders how Western Civilization came to the conclusion that a Down Syndrome free world is a good thing, now that Denmark has declared itself Down-free and Perfect.

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