Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Joy of Siblings

Two Franks, surprisingly, on the same wave length. Pope Francis and Frank Bruni.

First, Pope Francis. Be open to children.
“No, no, not more than one child, because otherwise we will not be able to go on holiday, we will not be able to go out, we will not be able to buy a house. It’s all very well to follow the Lord, but only up to a certain point. This is what economic wellbeing does to us: we all know what wellbeing is, but it deprives us of courage, of the courage we need to get close to Jesus. This is the first richness of the culture of today, the culture of economic wellbeing”.

Now Frank Bruni. Too bad more people won't know what a gift it is to have siblings.
"That’s how it goes in a pack of siblings, and I sometimes wonder, when it comes to the decline in fertility rates in our country and others, whether the economic impact will be any more significant than the intimate one. For better or worse, fewer people will know the challenges and comforts of a sprawling clan."

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