Tuesday, July 30, 2013

War of Epic Proportions

Janet Smith on 45 years of Humanae Vitae:

Some of us saw long ago the connection between the use of contraception and the debilitating scourge of unwed pregnancy in our culture, which is the source of the “need” for abortion, of the ubiquitous practice of promiscuous sex and of cohabitation.
More are seeing the connection between single parenthood and the terrible cycle of poverty besetting a frightening portion of our population. More are even seeing the terrible health effects and environmentally bad effects of contraception.
Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/humanae-vitae-at-45-an-epic-war/#ixzz2aZ9KTegn

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Help change history

Take this one minute survey from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute. Reposting the information we received today:

Please take our 1 minute survey.

Consumers can read a bottle of shampoo and know whether animals were tested to develop the product. However, there is not a certification stamp to know if human beings were exploited in products we use—especially vaccines, biologic medicines, cosmetics, foods and beverages. SCPI is developing a certification program to let consumers know that no objectionable human materials or contaminants were used in their products.

Our stamp will certify that a product was not developed with nor does it contain material taken from 

        · victims of human trafficking, 
        · executed prisoners, 
        · exploited, vulnerable, or impoverished people, 
        · directly or electively aborted human fetuses or embryos,
        · human embryonic material derived from electively or intentionally discarded, destroyed or injured human embryos, 
        · or any other human materials obtained in a manner that does not respect the sanctity of each human life.

Thank you,
Theresa A. Deisher

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Refreshing little story for a Sunday

Been a tough summer. Good news in Texas with their new laws limiting abortion. Bad news in Ireland, regressing to paganism. Culture of Death still running rampant with Obamacare, but a nice little story in this Year of Faith about Kirsten Powers and her encounter with the Hound of Heaven.

..."I live in a world where nobody is a believer. But God pursued me.”

And it could happen to you too!!

Read the whole story here.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

March for Life Ireland 2013

Photos and stories from the 2013 Rally for Life in Ireland.

Organizers say 60,000 Marchers in Dublin and media downplays number.


Independent (IE)

Irish Times

Irish Examiner


All Ireland Rally for Life on Facebook

Thousands of anti-abortion protesters fill Dublin's major thoroughfare, as they march against Ireland's abortion bill Saturday, July 6, 2013. More than 35,000 activists marched to the parliament building to oppose Irish government plans to enact a bill legalizing terminations for women in life-threatening pregnancies. The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill is expected to be passed into law next week. Photo: Shawn Pogatchnik

Fetal Parts, Vaccine Injury, and Change Points

Research from SoundChoice.org:

Our research shows that introducing a vaccine manufactured using aborted fetal cell lines is associated with every ‘change point’ for autism disorder that can be calculated. A change point is a statistically derived birth year for which autism disorder takes a steep rise. Change points point to environmental factors as triggers for disease epidemics, and human fetal manufactured vaccines are the most closely associated environmental factors for the autism disorder epidemic we are seeing.
Not only are the change point years associated with the introduction of human fetal manufactured vaccines, but additionally, the number of children diagnosed with autism for each birth year can be directly correlated to the number of children who are immunized with these vaccines. At Sound Choice, we think it is time to do something about this, which is why we have launched a program to develop alternative cell lines to replace the aborted fetal vaccines. We cannot do this without the support of each and every one of you. 

Learn more about Sound Choice.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elective Abortion and Vaccines

More insight into buying and selling of aborted fetal parts...

Material from spontaneous miscarriages is seldom, if ever, useful for biomedical research, because miscarriages take place over days, and by the time the miscarriage is complete the organs and the cells are largely non-viable. To efficiently make cell lines from fetuses or to do biomedical research, the processing must be planned and the material must be fresh. Furthermore, the unborn babies and parents are screened before the abortion to ensure that there are no genetic anomalies, no viral infections, or any other concern that would render the aborted baby as unfit for biomedical purposes. You can read a bit about this on pages 91-95 in the meeting minutes from the FDA that are linked below. Even the scientist admits that “it sounds a bit commercial”. (http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/01/tr anscripts/3750t1_01.pdf) A list of the vaccines made using cell lines that were obtained from electively aborted fetuses is available for download from our website at: www.soundchoice.org http://soundchoice.org/aborted-fetal-products/ 

Learn more at Sound Choice.