Thursday, July 18, 2013

Help change history

Take this one minute survey from Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute. Reposting the information we received today:

Please take our 1 minute survey.

Consumers can read a bottle of shampoo and know whether animals were tested to develop the product. However, there is not a certification stamp to know if human beings were exploited in products we use—especially vaccines, biologic medicines, cosmetics, foods and beverages. SCPI is developing a certification program to let consumers know that no objectionable human materials or contaminants were used in their products.

Our stamp will certify that a product was not developed with nor does it contain material taken from 

        · victims of human trafficking, 
        · executed prisoners, 
        · exploited, vulnerable, or impoverished people, 
        · directly or electively aborted human fetuses or embryos,
        · human embryonic material derived from electively or intentionally discarded, destroyed or injured human embryos, 
        · or any other human materials obtained in a manner that does not respect the sanctity of each human life.

Thank you,
Theresa A. Deisher

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