Saturday, November 9, 2013

The HHS Umbrella: Incompetence and Unaccountability

Journalist Dan Olmsted , formerly of the Washington Times, links the pattern of deceit and incompetence in the Department Health and Human Services umbrella (Obamacare, CDC, FDA, and the IACC).
The CDC is part of HHS, and there's a pattern here -- bad performance. HHS was asleep at the switch as the Website was "readied" for rollout. CDC and FDA -- also part of HHS -- were asleep at the switch as vaccines containing way too much cumulative mercury were rolled out. The IACC, also under the thumb of HHS, is asleep, period, as the autism epidemic rolls on. 
I was at the meeting where Sebelius spoke about all the great work the committee and its chair Tom Insell were doing. Heck of a job, Tommy.
Along with everything else, the post-vaccine court autism epidemic is incompetence with a heaping helping of unaccountability piled on top. For those who believe that the federal government simply could not be boneheaded enough to trigger an autism epidemic, and then self-interested enough to hide it and blame every other possible culprit, Obamacare to date is a pungent riposte -- oh yes they can.
Read the whole thing here.

Dan is fast becoming a "liberal mugged by reality," but any Pro-Lifer old enough to remember the RICO lawsuits of the 1990s and West Hartford is not surprised at all....oh, yes they can.

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