Monday, December 9, 2013

A LIFE Conversion

We weren't going to comment on the L'affair Lev-Williams but there is a lesson in this modern day conversion story. [As for the Legion of Christ, our only comment is the sooner the group is finally relegated to the dustheap of history the better.]

Pro-lifers are not unfamiliar with the phenomena of the great Pro-Life leader and their idiot wayward children. Take President Ronald Reagan for example. The loyal Maureen. The idiot wayward Ron Jr and Patti. And the prodigal Michael, now the most stalwart champion of his father's legacy. [A gloss on the family history for sure but you get the point].

The Ms. Lev once wrote, "I grew up Catholic but I left the church with such a door-slamming, bridge-burning attitude that if you'd have told me that when I was 25 that one day all I would ever want to do is go into St. Peter's and talk about God, I would have slapped you silly probably."

We imagine the real reversion was the birth of her son with Down Syndrome. A little child will lead them. Indeed, we are sure that everything her mother, the American defender of Life, Mary Ann Glendon, ever wrote suddenly and shockingly made sense in the light...when her son was "dara alla luce."

So our message is this to all those with their marching boots on the ground who have been slogging it out in the trenches for years, there is hope for the wayward children. 

The Monica-Augustine Story plays out even to this day. Pray and fast for the gift of Faith. Prayers are answered. They will come to the recognition that, without exception, life from conception to natural death is beautiful.


Scandal...(cough, cough)...something we hope you haven't thought we glossed over it. The devil must find it utterly the delicious, the irony of the Ms. Lev, the Tigress of Italian Art History, teaching young religious and seminarians at the Angelicum, the Dominican University in Rome. It was, after all, the Dominican Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor himself, who wrote the book on the Moral Theology and what constitutes a scandal. [The Mr. Williams was a purported expert in Moral Theology, a dubious accolade in hindsight]. We hope that the Angelicum and the Rome Experience will take seriously the ancient admonitions about millstones and little ones.

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