Monday, December 2, 2013

Lost Women of China

Hmm...One Child Policy leads to not enough women in China. Fifty Million to be exact.

And a host of other problems per this article in the UK Telegraph.

  • The policy has left China short of 50m women…
  • A Generation of Little Emperors ...Scientists claim it has fundamentally changed the psychology of a generation, leaving them less altruistic, trusting and competitive. And all that pampering has left China with one of the fastest growing rates of childhood obesity.
  • Booming lonely hearts industry.
  • Inflating China's housing market
  • Army of grandparents is growing...
  • Shortage of young workers...The one child policy is leaving the economy short of 140m workers. That will drive up wages, hit profits and push away investment. Citigroup economists warn it could cut 3 per cent off China’s GDP - a slowdown that would be felt around the world.

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