Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beautiful Family Love

Wonderful story from the AP about the Cortez family and their commitment to care for their son injured by a drunk driver. Read the whole thing.
Mickey Cortez.... "was aware of things going on around him by his eye contact or gestures that he made," his father said. "He felt pain and he could feel a tickle when we tickled him and he would smile at times."
Like the time they put a pair of Mickey Mouse ears on his head during a visit to Disneyland. Or when a favored uncle would come into his room and he'd perk up at the sound of his voice and turn to look at him.
Years later, he'd do the same upon hearing his nieces or nephews say, "Hi, Uncle Mikey."
.....Mikey would never walk or talk again, but that didn't matter to his family. For the next 31 years, they would raise him at home, including him in every activity they could. From holidays to family vacations to high school football games, they were by his side until his death last month.

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