Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fear the Organ Harvesters

DO fear the Reaper.

Writing about the Jahi McGarth case in TIME, Bobby Schindler shares some stories of two people who were NOT on death's doorstep but they were about to go under the sickle of the Organ Harvesters.

..For example, in 2008 Zack Dunlap was declared brain-dead after an ATV accident based on exactly the same criterion offered in Jahi’s case: a PET scan revealed that he had no blood flowing to his brain. His body was prepared for organ harvesting, but alert family members were able to elicit behavioral signs that showed he was anything but brain dead. Forty-eight days later, Zack walked out of a rehab center and went home.
Colleen Burns was another example of how fallible a medical diagnosis of brain death can be. Admitted to a hospital in Syracuse, New York, after a drug overdose, she, like Zack Dunlap, was declared brain dead and prepared for organ harvesting. She woke up on the operating table shortly before the operation began, and was discharged shortly thereafter.

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